What Is Sleep Modulation?

What Is Sleep Modulation?

What Is Sleep Modulation?

Author: GIA Miami
Published: November 30, 2020

Mental health specialists have known for decades that each mental health condition, including addiction, is, in fact, a complex web of pathologies. At GIA Miami, we are dedicated to the idea that not only does each patient require multiple treatment approaches, but that their overall recovery plan must be designed with their individual needs in mind. This means that in addition to treating the more immediate symptoms of poor mental health or addiction, our patients are extensively evaluated for nutritional issues, chronic pain conditions, and undiagnosed sleep disorders. If you have been struggling with mental health concerns, you may not even realize how sleep-deprived you are and the incredible role it plays in psychological well-being. This is where GIA Miami’s sleep modulation services can help.

Do I Need Sleep Modulation?

Individuals struggling with their mental health are more likely to suffer from severe sleep disorders than members of the general population. Additionally, those battling substance abuse are five to ten times more likely to suffer from sleep disorders than non-addicted individuals. There are many reasons that this is the case. Mental issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or borderline personality disorder affect sleep patterns in predictable ways. Additionally, individuals suffering from these conditions often turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of getting the rest they need. This too often leads to a tragic cycle of sleep deprivation and drug use that make treatment like sleep modulation necessary.

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Regarding substance use issues, the vast majority of the drugs that people abuse make it more challenging to get to sleep, make the sleep that you do get less efficient, and have the effect of reducing your total sleep time.

What Can I Expect in a Sleep Modulation Program?

Evaluating and treating sleep dysfunction takes a team of physicians that you will find at GIA Miami. Our board-certified psychiatrists and neurologists offer a multimodal approach to understanding the pathology of sleep disorders. This is imperative when treating sleep dysfunction because the etiologies can range from anything like the “anxious, racing pre-bedtime brain” to obstructive sleep apneas, which can seriously increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke to a dysregulated sleep cycle due to drug and alcohol use and other medical issues. Once correctly diagnosed, these sleep dysfunctions are treated very differently.

The team at GIA Miami, led by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Antonello Bonci, specializes in cutting-edge, state-of-the-art approaches to treating both addiction and sleep disorders. Primary among these is sleep modulation, which involves a non-invasive method called “transcranial magnetic stimulation,” or simply “TMS.” The treatment itself consists of placing a magnetic coil on the patient’s scalp to stimulate a group of cells in a specifically targeted area of the brain. These magnetic pulses are painless, and each session lasts around 15 minutes.

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Is Sleep Modulation Effective?

Doctors have reported enormous success using TMS to treat a broad range of mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. And recent evidence indicates that it is a useful tool for treating substance use disorders as well. Still, more recently, researchers have demonstrated that because the magnetic field generated in TMS causes slow-wave activity in the brain, it can be used for sleep modulation. And this means that it can be used to repair the damaged networks that result in sleeping disorders.

The consensus among medical professionals is that TMS is a useful tool. And Dr. Bonci and his team at GIA are a leading light in that research. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder — and especially if you suspect your sleep issues are linked to a mental health condition or a substance use problem — GIA’s sleep modulation services in FL might be the right program for you.

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Most people suffering from sleep disorders do not get the treatment they need. And sadly, this is also the case for those struggling with their mental health or addiction. But with programs like the one at GIA Miami offering cutting-edge solutions like sleep modulation and TMS, there is no better time to start than now. Let our compassionate, expert team design a treatment program that suits your individual needs by reaching out to us online or calling 833.713.0828.

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