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Can Holistic Therapy Help Recovery From Addiction?

The benefits of holistic therapy during addiction recovery are often little understood. Are they supporting the recovery process, or are they simply good for our well-being? What Is Holistic Therapy? Holistic therapy has a variety of forms, from yoga and meditation to alternative medicines and acupuncture. Holistic medicine aims to combine conventional and alternative therapies […]

Sep 15

4 Ways To Help a Loved One After Rehab

Addiction is a destructive force that can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Often, we see some of the greatest impacts on our friends and family – addiction can put a strain on even the strongest relationships. Substance use disorders can cause extensive interpersonal problems like conflict, instability, and aggression. As a family member […]

Sep 8

The Importance of Positive Self-talk in Early Recovery From Addiction

Self-talk is a term for the conversations and thinking patterns that exist in our heads. Our current emotional state usually drives self-talk, but it is also associated with our past and our perceptions of the world, including our family members and the way we relate to them. Throughout our lives, negative experiences and complicated relationships […]

Sep 1

Family Involvement: The Key to Long-Term Sobriety

When one family member suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can completely upheave a family dynamic and become a struggle for everyone. Although this is extremely difficult, families also offer a vital avenue for support in short and long term recovery and improve your chances of successful sobriety. We’ll explain how in this […]

Aug 25

How To Cope With Fear in Early Recovery

It may be difficult to imagine, but a person who is successful and mindful in their long-term sobriety probably felt fear when starting down the road to recovery. The moments of acceptance that happen towards the beginning of a recovery journey – periods of clarity about the scope that the problem has reached – are […]

Aug 18