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4 Ways To Help a Loved One After Rehab

Addiction is a destructive force that can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Often, we see some of the greatest impacts on our friends and family – addiction can put a strain on even the strongest relationships. Substance use disorders can cause extensive interpersonal problems like conflict, instability, and aggression. As a family member […]

Sep 8

Family Involvement: The Key to Long-Term Sobriety

When one family member suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can completely upheave a family dynamic and become a struggle for everyone. Although this is extremely difficult, families also offer a vital avenue for support in short and long term recovery and improve your chances of successful sobriety. We’ll explain how in this […]

Aug 25

How To Cope With Fear in Early Recovery

It may be difficult to imagine, but a person who is successful and mindful in their long-term sobriety probably felt fear when starting down the road to recovery. The moments of acceptance that happen towards the beginning of a recovery journey – periods of clarity about the scope that the problem has reached – are […]

Aug 18

What is seasonal depression?

Have you ever felt more moody and more depressed at certain times of the year? It could be that you are dealing with the effects of seasonal depression. True seasonal depression cannot, and should not, be dismissed simply as a winter depression. It is a condition that can affect your daily life and prevent it […]

Dec 24