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    Individualized Mental Wellness Treatment for You

    In recent years, extensive scientific research into mental wellness has offered us unprecedented insight into the causes of mood and behaviors and how to change them. At GIA, we apply this cutting-edge science to your treatment experience.

    We offer a combination of TMS therapy and talking therapies in an individualized treatment package just for you. The process begins with an in-depth psychological assessment and psychiatric evaluation, so we can create a diagnostic profile and design the most effective treatment plan for you. Our expert team works with you throughout your journey to ensure you are comfortable, satisfied, and have the best chance of reaching your mental wellness goals.

    Professional Psychiatric Evaluation

    A psychiatric evaluation is a medical examination of your emotional, psychological, and behavioral health. Our expert psychiatrists perform mental and physical examinations and consider personal, medical, and family histories to formulate a medical assessment of your condition.

    Psychiatric evaluations work alongside psychological assessments to provide a holistic insight into your nature, circumstances, and needs. They help us design the most inclusive and effective program possible that takes into account all aspects of your condition.

    Personalized treatment program

    At GIA, we understand that every individual is unique. We begin your treatment program with an in-depth psychological assessment so that we can create an effective long-term treatment strategy to suit your nature, circumstances, and needs.

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    Our mental wellness specialists take into account the behavioral, sociological, and psychological aspects of your mental health. We also consider the factors which may influence them - like your genes, biology, history, and environment. Our team of experts combines their insights with their exceptional scientific and medical knowledge to create an individualized plan that guides you to your full potential.

    Effective and Evidence-Based Psychotherapeutic Interventions

    We believe that science and expertise should underlie all mental wellness treatments and offer you programs from the forefront of medical research. Our individualized treatment programs include a range of therapies to guide you on the path to mental wellness.

    Our programs combine transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS) with talking therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and group therapy. TMS is an innovative and exciting technology that uses gentle magnetic waves to stimulate specific brain cells, leading to substantial improvements in mood and behavior. As world leaders in the field, we are proud to offer this potentially life-changing treatment to a wide range of clients from different mental wellness backgrounds.


    Addiction can take over your life, affecting your health, work, and relationships. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of the way out.

    However, addiction is treatable, and recovery is possible for anyone. At GIA Miami, we offer a range of therapeutic approaches to treat the underlying causes of addiction and guide you to lifelong recovery. Our program includes TMS therapy, behavioral therapies, group therapy, and psychotherapy. We also offer holistic support, including yoga and nutritional advice, to help you re-build yourself and lay the foundations for a fulfilling, sober life.

    Mental Wellness

    Our mental wellness affects all aspects of our lives - our ability to enjoy the moment, build meaningful connections with others, and perform well in our work and home lives.

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    Our mental wellness program helps you avoid negative and unproductive thought patterns, develop effective coping mechanisms, and focus and engage in what you do. We use in-depth diagnostics, TMS therapy, and talking therapies to increase your mental performance, so you can thrive and achieve your full potential.

    Experience the culmination of decades of scientific research - Take your recovery to the next level

    Take your recovery to the next level

    Experience the culmination of decades of scientific research
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