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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive and FDA-approved therapy that uses gentle magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain. For more than three decades, millions of people have benefitted from it. For people living with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental disorders, certain parts of the brain are underactive or overactive. Stimulating them can have pronounced effects on mood, cravings, and other symptoms.

The path to mental wellness is different for everyone. For most people, the most effective treatment programs involve a combination of evidence-based therapies, along with compassionate care and personal support. 

TMS provides a complementary or alternative approach to behavioral therapies, medicines, and support groups that can revolutionize your recovery journey. It can produce significant changes in patients where other treatment options have failed - TMS can be life-changing.

How Does TMS Therapy Work?

TMS works by passing electrical pulses over the surface of the head. These pulses flow painlessly through the scalp and reach the brain cells beneath. In general, slower pulses calm brain cells down, while faster pulses make them more active. These changes in cell activity can have notable effects on both mood and behavior. 

TMS is a safe and effective therapy that the FDA approved in 2008 as a treatment for clinical depression. It has far fewer side effects than most medicines - the most common side effect is mild to moderate scalp discomfort that quickly goes away. 
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Can I Benefit from TMS Therapy?

Medical doctors, psychologists, and therapists initially used TMS as a treatment for clinical depression to increase activity in certain areas of the brain. Since then, experts worldwide have recognized the potential of TMS to treat other mental disorders which cause or result from brain changes.

Pioneering clinical studies by GIA’s founder Dr. Antonello Bonci and collaborators created strong evidence for the effectiveness of TMS in aiding recovery from substance use disorders, including alcohol, cocaine, pathological gambling and nicotine addictions. Dr. Bonci and colleagues worldwide continue their research daily to increase our understanding and optimize the technique to help patients in their recovery journey.

At GIA Miami, we offer TMS to treat depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, as well as OCD, PTSD, and postpartum depression.
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What Can I Expect from TMS?

TMS is a non-invasive procedure with no long-term side effects. You remain awake throughout the session and can communicate with the therapist at all times. The experience is simple and painless, and you can drive yourself to and from sessions.

Your TMS session will begin with a ‘mapping session’ where the therapist uses magnetic pulses to find the location and intensity of the stimulation that you need.

Once they have found the location, they begin to stimulate the cells. Sessions typically last twenty to fifty minutes, five days a week, over the course of four to six weeks. 
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