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The Science Behind TMS - How Does TMS Treatment Work

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS) is a novel treatment for a range of mental health conditions at the forefront of medical science. It is FDA-approved for the treatment of clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, smoking cessation, and many clinical studies have shown important results in effectively treating anxiety disorders, PTSD, and substance use disorders.
How TMS WorksHow TMS Works
TMS is a non-invasive procedure that works by passing gentle magnetic pulses across the surface of the head. These pulses penetrate the scalp and stimulate certain areas of brain cells beneath. In general, lower frequency pulses calm brain activity, and higher frequency pulses increase it. These changes can have a significant impact on mood and behavior.

TMS is a painless procedure that has no lasting side effects. In general, it is most effective if you participate in multiple sessions over some time, with a certain time window in between each session. Typical courses offer daily TMS sessions for around four to six weeks.

A Treatment For Depression, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, and Addiction

Medical doctors apply TMS in a slightly different way depending on the condition they are treating. People with clinical depression usually received stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex area on the left side of the brain, as approved by the FDA.

Following the success of TMS as a treatment for depression, scientists began to explore its use as a treatment for anxiety, PTSD and many other neurological and psychiatric conditions. 

For people living with anxiety who are unable to benefit, or only partially benefitting, from cognitive therapies or pharmacotherapy, TMS could be a life-changing treatment. At GIA, we offer TMS as a treatment for anxiety disorder, addictions, OCD, PTSD, as well as clinical depression.
Recent groundbreaking research has also shown TMS to be an effective treatment for substance use disorders and behavioral addictions. GIA’s founder, Dr. Antonello Bonci, is a world-leading expert and researcher on the potential of TMS in these fields.

Substance use disorders like alcoholism or cocaine addiction cause significant changes in the brain. They affect reward pathways, which cause urges to seek or use a substance, and influence dopamine production and transmission. 

TMS therapy can target these areas of the brain, with promising results in the improvement of both cravings and behavior. TMS therapy may increase abstinence, reduce cravings, and help improve symptoms of substance abuse like memory lapses and decreased cognitive performance. At GIA, we are proud to offer this innovative treatment to patients suffering from all forms of addiction.

A Safe, FDA-Approved Therapy

TMS is a painless, FDA-approved therapy with fewer side effects than antidepressants. You stay awake throughout the session and can interact with the therapist. Currently, TMS has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of major depressive disorder, OCD, smoking cessation and anxiety symptoms in people with depression.

The magnetic pulses involved in TMS therapy only reach about two to three centimeters into the brain, right below the treatment coil. The pulses are focused to maximize effects on other brain areas connected to the area of stimulation, to have a larger therapeutic effect.
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