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4 Common Anxiety Triggers

4 Common Anxiety Triggers

4 Common Anxiety Triggers

Author: GIA Miami
Published: December 22, 2020

Feelings of anxiety are typical, especially when faced with a situation like public speaking. When that feeling continues to the point where you don’t feel control of your emotions, it might help find treatment and pinpoint your specific anxiety triggers. Anxiety is not some trick of your mind. It is a very real disorder that deserves the same kind of care and treatment as any physical ailment of your body would. GIA Miami offers help and treatment for people looking for ways to navigate different anxiety triggers in their lives.

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What Causes Anxiety?

Feelings of anxiety are how our bodies react to any kind of situation that feels unfamiliar, stressful, or dangerous. It’s about making sure we’re prepared to respond to any form of threat. You can also develop a more chronic form of anxiety because of phobias, like being afraid of dogs or not liking to be in small spaces. Trauma from the past is also a reason that people might end up with an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety causes you to experience physical and emotional reactions that are out of proportion to the current situation. The fear can become crippling, and in more extreme cases, can even prevent you from leaving your home.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Only a qualified mental health professional can make an accurate diagnosis of anxiety. Having an evaluation can be the start of learning more about your personal anxiety triggers. Most assessments start with a physical exam followed by questions about your medical history, including any past mental health issues. Most mental health professionals will first look to rule out physical issues that could be producing your anxiety.

Some of the symptoms that we look for in these types of assessment are:

  • The continual sense of worry that interferes with your ability to perform tasks
  • Feelings of fear at the thought of entering a social situation
  • Continual flashbacks to past traumatic events
  • Nightmares that disrupt sleep
  • A deep dread of specific places, objects, or situations

If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of the above symptoms of anxiety disorder, you should consider reaching out for professional help. The world-renowned team of mental health professionals at GIA Miami is an excellent place to start.

Common Anxiety Triggers

Certain factors can increase the effects of an anxiety disorder. Below are some typical anxiety triggers that people may have difficulty managing.

1. Social Situations

You may find the idea of facing certain social situations to be extremely stressful. It could be going to a party, meeting new people for the first time, or sitting down for an interview. It can feel like you’re about to go into combat. The feelings dredged up by this anxiety trigger can literally freeze you in your tracks, costing you chances to pursue different opportunities.

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2. Financial Problems

Struggling to pay bills and keep your head above water is another common anxiety trigger. Worrying about keeping a roof over your family’s head can either cause you to lash out or withdraw as a way of avoiding your problems. It’s a good idea to talk through these issues with a professional who can guide you on managing your emotions as you try to figure a way out of your financial issues.

3. The Loss of a Loved One

The death of someone important to you can be an anxiety trigger, especially if it was someone you depended on for emotional support. You may feel that you’ll never dig yourself out of your grief or feel like you can no longer function normally.

4. Life Changes

Getting married, having a baby, or going through a divorce can bring on a rollercoaster of emotion. These major life changes can also act as an anxiety trigger. As a new parent, you may find yourself dreading even letting anyone else see your baby. You may worry that the person you are marrying may not be the right person and that you’re making a mistake. When things become too overwhelming, anxiety treatment with a mental health professional can be the best course of action.

Get Help Managing Anxiety Triggers at GIA Miami

At GIA Miami, we provide clients with access to cutting-edge therapeutics and treatments designed to give them the skills needed to manage anxiety triggers effectively. We also offer help in other areas, including:

Find out more about GIA Miami and the services we offer by reaching out to us online or by calling 833.713.0828.

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