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The Benefits of Telehealth

The Benefits of Telehealth

The Benefits of Telehealth

Author: GIA Miami
Published: November 14, 2020

With drug use at epidemic levels throughout the country, treatment programs are overwhelmed with people in need of help. Telehealth platforms provide programs like GIA Miami a new way to communicate with patients to provide support and therapy. These types of remote approaches are becoming more common in the healthcare industry in general, particularly in the age of COVID-19.

If you or someone you care about is considering treatment for mental health or addiction issues, reach out to GIA Miami online today or call us at 833.713.0828.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth — sometimes referred to as “telemedicine” — connects people in need of treatment to addiction specialists that can provide it remotely using technology, specifically the internet and telephone. You may not be in the same room with a doctor or therapist, but that is about the only difference.

Among the telehealth treatment options we offer at GIA are:

  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing allows patients to meet with our team virtually.
  • Web-, app-, and telephone-based treatment supports mean that our staff is only a click or call away.
  • Educational outreach and YouTube allow us to provide our patients with a broad range of educational materials developed by our medical staff.

In the telehealth program at GIA Miami, you can have a dialogue, ask questions, and do just about anything else you could do face to face.

What are the Benefits of Telehealth in Addiction Treatment?

There are many benefits to taking advantage of one or more of the telehealth services offered at GIA. Among these are:

  • Telemedicine is available anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Telehealth allows you to get the help you need according to your own schedule — no more canceled appointments because you can’t travel.
  • For patients who experience anxiety when they have to come to an office for treatment, telehealth provides them with a more comfortable environment.
  • Telemedicine is less expensive than other kinds of care because it lacks an in-person component. This is usually the case even when you receive the same range of treatments you would in an in-person program.
  • Because you will be participating in your recovery remotely, you will have the freedom and time to develop healthy habits and pursue healthy interests outside of your treatment. Doing so is a critical part of achieving long-term recovery and avoiding relapse.
  • Along the same lines, because your recovery will be on your schedule, you will develop a deeper and more effective social support network outside of our facility. This is also a key component of recovery.
  • A telehealth program will allow you to attend school, work, and fulfill family and social obligations, all while maintaining your privacy.

Telehealth is an efficient, safe approach to addiction and mental wellness treatment for both providers and clients.

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Can You Get Medication Through Telehealth?

At GIA, we understand that addiction results from a physiologic disorder, just like any other disease. Like in those disorders, it is often beneficial to use medication that can assist in their management. We use highly personalized medication-assisted treatment — or “MAT” — therapy to address the chemical imbalances that cause cravings to help our patients achieve sobriety and minimize the chances of relapse.

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Our medical team can prescribe medication as part of our telehealth program. In fact, in many cases, our patients report that they can get their medications more quickly and efficiently than through an office visit.

Reach Out to GIA Miami Today

At GIA Miami, telehealth puts you in control of your treatment by giving you more options. And remember, you can still come in for visits when it is convenient for you. Telehealth just gives you another option when it’s not.

Give us a call at 833.713.0828 or reach out to us online today if you have questions about how GIA Miami uses telehealth services.

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