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Do I Need Drug Detox – Asking the Hard Questions

Do I Need Drug Detox – Asking the Hard Questions

Do I Need Drug Detox – Asking the Hard Questions

Author: GIA Miami
Published: September 1, 2020

If you are using drugs and alcohol often, and if they have become a significant part of your life, it may be time to break that habit. Chronic drug and alcohol use will shorten your lifespan, damage your relationships, and ruin your finances. Yet, even knowing that this is the case, you may also know just how hard it will be to stop using, even if you want to. Ask yourself this question: “Do I need drug detox?”

If there is any question at all as to whether you or someone you care about might be able to answer “yes” to this question, it is time to seek professional help. Reach out to GIA Miami for immediate assistance today using our online form or call us at 833.713.0828.

When Do I Need Drug Detox?

Drug detox involves the forced elimination of toxins and addictive substances from the body. It becomes an integral part of the recovery process when a person becomes dependent on a drug. Many factors can help addiction specialists determine whether detox is necessary. Although how long you have been using an addictive substance is one of these, it is also critical to understand that some drugs create dependency like this very quickly. It is also not strictly tied to the amount of the substance they use, although this can also be a relevant factor. Medically supervised drug detox becomes necessary when you know you cannot stop using. In these cases, your brain chemistry has adjusted the way it functions to accommodate the drug. Without it, you will have intense cravings and physical ailments that we refer to as “withdrawal symptoms.”

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So do you need drug detox? It’s hard to know this until you receive an assessment from our team. However, the following factors can be good indicators that you need medically supervised drug detox:

  • You use drugs or alcohol consistently.
  • You feel pain or have intense cravings when you do not use.
  • You have trouble fulfilling your responsibilities or even getting through the day without using drugs.
  • You are using more and more of the substance and still struggling with withdrawal symptoms.

If you are in any one of these situations, it is worth reaching out for professional help. The team of world-renowned addiction and mental health experts at GIA Miami will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that may include detox.

What Should You Expect from Detox?

What should you do when you need detox? After speaking to our team, we will provide a full assessment to determine the right type of treatment for your needs. If you need detox, you can expect a safe, comfortable place with us as you work through the process. We can provide medication that will ease your symptoms. You’ll also start working on your addiction treatment. For many people, there’s also the opportunity to manage any mental health conditions you have.

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The sooner you get help for your addiction, the more likely you are to minimize damage to your health, and the sooner you’ll be able to reclaim your life. If you need detox, it is likely impossible for you to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own without support. Your body is too dependent on these substances. With help and treatment from GIA Miami, you will have the ability to do so.

Don’t Wait to Get Help – Call GIA Miami Today

If you have been asking yourself whether you or someone close to you needs drug detox, you may already know the answer. When you are facing complications from drug use or when you are watching your loved one struggle to stay alive, it’s time to act fast. Our team at GIA Miami can provide you with the guidance and support you need today. Contact us at 833.713.0828 to learn more about the support available to you.

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