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Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program

Author: GIA Miami
Published: October 29, 2020

Drug and alcohol addiction and mental health disorders create complex relationships within every family unit. It is very common for individuals to find themselves without the support and guidance they need. In some cases, they may feel like they should not seek therapy because of the complexities in these relationships. Our family therapy program at GIA Miami provides the tools and resources you need to move beyond these struggles.

Relationships Become Taxes in Every Case

When a family is faced with a loved one using drugs or alcohol, it can be devastating. To the individual struggling with addiction or mental health issues, it may seem as though their family members do not understand what’s happening. This is often true. Yet, the problems go further than this. Family members may feel helpless and unaware of the extensiveness of the problem. They may not know what to do about it to provide help. A family therapy program allows all parties to identify their issues and learn how best to be supportive and make themselves heard healthily.

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There’s often a misconception that only the person using drugs or dealing with mental health disorders needs help. Rather, a family therapy program is meant to bring people together to understand the implications across the board. Our therapy programs can accommodate the entire family, but we also offer couples therapy and divorce recovery therapy, which navigate similar waters.

What Can a Family Therapy Program Do for You?

If you are a person who is receiving drug and alcohol therapy, or you are working on mental health disorders, you have to make decisions about your family relationships moving forward. This may mean you need to address whether or not you want someone to remain in your life after recovery. If you do, then you need to consider the value of a family therapy program. Our program at GIA Miami can help in many ways, such as:

  • Educating everyone in the family on what addiction is.
  • It allows everyone to discuss what happened, without blame or finger-pointing.
  • Enabling you to work on healing within the relationships that impact you the most.
  • Therapy gives you insight into whether relationships can heal and overcome these challenges.
  • It allows you to prepare for what happens back in the real world during recovery.

When you come in for a family therapy session, you will have the opportunity to work through various exercises. There is a great deal of education that goes into this process. That is because many of the men and women faced with addiction do not understand what it does. They also do not understand how hard it is to stop.

Outside of education, a family therapy program in Florida like our own allows for healing. It encourages people to decide if they can stay and be a part of a person’s life or if they need to move away from it. It can help families to create a path forward for a person who is struggling with drugs or alcohol. Every person has to play a role in this type of therapy if it is to be successful.

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We encourage you to learn more about our family therapy program in Florida and how it can change your future.

Embrace Your Future – Call GIA Miami Now

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder or some mental health issues, GIA Miami can help. Our family therapy program is designed to provide you with a safe place to work on your future. No matter what you are facing, family therapy can be an important component of therapy. Contact GIA Miami for immediate help by calling 833.713.0828 today.

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