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What Is Telehealth?

What Is Telehealth?

What Is Telehealth?

Author: GIA Miami
Published: November 18, 2020

Are you hoping to receive either drug and alcohol treatment or help with a mental health issue? Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or PTSD? If like tens of millions of Americans, you are struggling with mental health or addiction issues, you may not know where to turn. You may also be worried about the safety of coming in for treatment during the pandemic. If this sounds like you, telehealth may alleviate some of those concerns.

But what is telehealth? Can it provide you with the type of treatment you need, even from a distance? At GIA Miami, we’re providing our clients with the one-on-one help they need in every manner possible.

If you or someone you care about is battling mental wellness issues or substance use problems, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the world-renowned specialists at GIA Miami using our convenient, secure online contact form or call us at 833.713.0828 today.

What Is Telehealth and What Can It Do for Me?

Telehealth is a manner of meeting and working with your drug and alcohol treatment team remotely using a variety of electronic means. In other words, telehealth allows you to stay home while working with therapists and doctors from a distance.

Among the telehealth options that we offer at GIA Miami, you will find:

  • HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing
  • Web-, app-, and telephone-based treatment supports
  • Educational outreach and YouTube

Importantly, when you meet with our expert team of therapists and clinicians virtually, you will receive the same high standard of care that you would receive in our in-person program.

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What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Whenever possible, you should come in to see your therapists and treatment professionals for in-person care. However, when you consider what telehealth can offer, it is an exceptional solution. You may gain help through a variety of treatments in this manner. The benefits include:

  • Access when you need it
  • Less time away from your family or work obligations
  • The same level of care you would receive in a face-to-face session from the safety and comfort of your home or office

For men and women who need help but are unsure about their options due to where they are located or their concern about visiting a treatment center, telehealth is a viable solution. If you are considering it, contact our team at GIA Miami. Find out what your first steps are by reaching out online or calling 833.713.0828.

What Telehealth Treatments Are Available?

Our team offers telehealth services for all of the treatment options we provide that do not require in-person contact, like our TMS therapy program, among other treatment modalities. Our patients have found telehealth options particularly effective and useful for individual and group therapy programs.

You may benefit from this type of care if you are scared about your first appointment or when you want to find out what addiction therapy can offer to you. Even if you are unsure you can benefit from it, we encourage you to reach out to our team today for the personalized help you need.

In some cases, telehealth is not enough. You may benefit from face-to-face outpatient treatment. If that’s the care you need, the team a GIA Miami is continuing to offer such programs. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our assessment process to determine which type of care fits your symptoms and conditions.

Get the Support You Need for Recovery at GIA Miami

How can telehealth change the path of your recovery? At GIA Miami, we are here to work with you to determine the right level of support and care for your needs. Our team of dedicated professionals can answer your questions and offer guidance through a wide range of in-person and virtual services. Contact us online or call 833.713.0828 to learn more.

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