How does TMS stimulate the brain?

A magnetic coil is placed on the patient’s scalp, creating a magnetic field.
The coil is then targeted to stimulate groups of cells in the frontal areas of the brain.
The small electromagnetic pulses are virtually painless.
The procedure itself is non-invasive, and stimulation sessions usually last between 2 and 20 minutes, depending on what is being treated.

TMS can generally be administered without patients having to reduce or interrupt the medications that they are taking.

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Benefits of TMS

  1. ● Improved sleep and decreased fatigue.
  2. ● Improved mental speed and accuracy.
  3. ● Decreased addiction-related cravings.
  4. ● Decreased depression and anxiety.
  5. ● Improved ability to control one’s actions.
  6. ● Improved blood flow to the brain.
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TMS Therapy with Dr. Antonello Bonci

GIA founder Dr. Antonello Bonci is a pioneer of TMS therapy, specifically the rTMS variety. The “r” in this case stands for “repetitive,” and refers to the manner in which the treatment is delivered. rTMS therapy is a repetitive variation of TMS that produces efficient results and superior outcomes to the vast majority of traditional mental health treatment options.

Many clinical studies by Dr. Bonci and his collaborators have shown that rTMS is an effective treatment for many types of addictions Dr. Bonci’s work has been studied countless times and has been reviewed in prestigious journals such as Nature.

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